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Ardo Carum Breast Pump

Meet Ardo Carum, an innovative hospital-grade breast pump that caters to the needs of today’s moms while meeting the standards of modern hospitals. Mothers of hospitalized infants can pump confidently and comfortably with the Carum: a quiet, customizable, and hygienic upgrade to standard multi-user, hospital-grade breast pumps.

Ardo Bellis Breast Pump

Meet Ardo Bellis— a hospital-grade, multi-user, personal breast pump tailored for mothers facing the challenges of nurturing hospitalized infants. Weighing just 1.4 pounds and featuring a rechargeable battery, its compact and portable design ensures pumping convenience anywhere, making it the ideal take-home companion for your rental fleet.

The PAL Family

Learn about the PAL Family! Introducing the newest addition, the Mini PAL™, for extremely tiny babies in the NICU.

Positioning Babies In Critical Care

Commonalities exist in providing developmentally-appropriate support to babies in the NICU, CVICU, and PICU, particularly in managing: One intervention common across these areas is head of the bed (HOB) elevation.  Elevation aids digestion and secretion management, and reduces ventilator-associated pneumonia; a serious complication regardless of age. Elevation can also be important in post-surgical recovery. The […]