Flo-Form® Positioners

Fluidized technology for custom care

Dandle•LION’s Flo-Form positioners, utilizing Spry Therapeutics’ fluidized technology, support and protect the position of the developing infant, especially when handling is not well-tolerated. The fluidized medium allows the caregiver to create, adjust, and maintain the infant’s desired position while providing an individualized, supportive environment. This proprietary technology facilitates indirect manipulation of the infant’s body, without the need for physical handling.

The Flo-Form® Positioner

For head positioning:

  • Allows the caregiver to redistribute pressure, protect the skin and promote a healthy head shape
  • Promotes neutral head / trunk alignment
  • Simplifies tube / line management

For body positioning:

  • Especially helpful during periods of acute or critical illness, including admission, surgery, ECMO or any instance of hemodynamic instability
  • Supports a flexed, midline position while promoting neutral body alignment
  • Redistributes pressure over a greater surface area, minimizing friction and shear
  • Provides close-fitting containment that can be conformed to each baby’s unique shape

General information:

  • Multi-patient use (after cleaning and disinfecting)
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and formats
  • Covers available in washable cloth or disposable non-woven fabric
  • DEHP and latex free