Neurodevelopment with Every Touch

Fluidized Technology For Custom Care

The Dandy Difference

Dandle•LION is proud to partner with clinicians to create evidence-based neonatal care products that support babies’ needs throughout hospitalization. We help you position, protect, bathe and soothe with methods that are shown in the literature to promote healthier development of the brain and body. Our shared goals and passion to improve outcomes for babies make the Dandy Difference!


Dandle•LION has the best neurodevelopmental products available but even these are not enough without high-quality education.  We provide clinicians with an attentive, personalized educational experience designed to maximize benefits for babies and caregivers alike.  From our interdisciplinary consulting team, to our ever-evolving line of videos, webinars and printed resources, we take care to ensure every hospital is equipped to provide the level of care every baby deserves.