Snuggly ROO™

Cozy positioning aid when more visualization of the baby is needed

The Snuggly ROO is ideal for use in the days following a preterm birth, after surgery or any time more visualization of the umbilical or chest area is needed. The padded footroll keeps the lower extremities flexed and contained, while the offset straps help keep hands to face, shoulders rounded, and arms in flexion.

The Snuggly ROO:

  • Comes in a disposable non-woven material or a soft fabric that can be washed and reused 
  • Has color-coded binding to make the 4 sizes easily identifiable
  • Contains baby in midline flexion while allowing visibility, making it ideal for admissions, the perioperative period or other critical periods of illness 
  • Supports baby in prone, supine and side-lying positions
  • Is optimal right after birth to offer the baby neurodevelopmental support during stabilization