Dandle•LION® Gel Pillows

Gel pillows provide comfort and protection

Dandle•LION gel pillows are available in nine sizes and two thicknesses, designed to meet a wide range of clinical needs for patients in the NICU, PICU, and beyond. Our ⅝ inch thick neonatal gel pillows can be used to optimize babies’ position within any of our positioning aids. Our fuller, ⅞ inch thick pediatric gel pillows are ideal for use as a protective measure to pad bony prominences and reduce pressure on the skin.

Dandle•LION Gel Pillows:

  • DEHP-free, BPA-free polyethylene bag made without natural latex rubber
  • Water-based food grade gel that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth and guaranteed mold resistant
  • Pillow covers available in a white or printed cotton that can be washed and reused or a white disposable material
  • Single patient use (unless hospital validates their own cleaning process)
  • 6 neonatal sizes that can be used as a cushion, a mattress for micro-preemies or folded to make a prone roll
  • 3 thicker pediatric sizes are effective for larger immobilized babies and children