Crown Cradle™

A preemie orthotic device to support the development of an infant’s natural head shape

We do everything we can to protect the infant’s developing brain. Now, we can also help to protect cranial formation, as well as head, neck, and spinal alignment, with the patented Crown Cradle.

The Crown Cradle:

  • Is a non-invasive, non-restrictive orthotic device that supports development of an infant’s natural head shape
  • Relieves pressure on the occiput, allowing cranial development without the impact of negative external forces
  • Comes with three parts:
    • A specialized mattress with a cloth cover
    • Four removable foam inserts that grow with the baby’s head
    • A ‘plug’ that fills the hole when baby is prone
  • Comes in two sizes:
    • Small – babies less than 1800 g. with foam insert sizes 1-4
    • Large – babies 1800-3600 g. with foam insert sizes 5-8
  • Positions the infant at a 4 degree incline
  • Supports midline positioning during the first 72 hours with additional support from  the DandlePAL or Cozy Cub
  • Promotes physiologic flexion, containment, and midline positioning and helps promote proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine.
  • Can be used during x-ray and MRI

Studies have shown that the Crown Cradle (referred to in the literature as the Cranial Cup, Plagio Cradle, and POD) may reduce the potential impact of hospitalization (such as positioning, medical devices, and severity of illness) on the infant’s head by redistributing contact pressure, supporting the cranium, and providing a pathway for more symmetrical skull growth.