Clinician Spotlight: Liz Drake MN, NNP, CNS, RN-NICU, C-ELBW

Dandle•LION is proud to partner with expert clinicians to provide the best available education and evidence-based care strategies. We are excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Drake, MN, NNP, CNS, RN-NICU, C-ELBW, the current CNS in the NICU at CHOC Children’s of Orange County, Mission Viejo Campus!

Liz is also a published author, nationally recognized national conference presenter, consultant and Co-owner of @EngageGrowThrive, and co-developer of the Small Baby Care Specialist Program.

Liz Drake has been practicing in the NICU for 40 years. She has practiced in different roles throughout her career, but her time spent at the bedside with patients, families, and team members are most meaningful.

Extremely passionate about quality Improvement, caring for extremely low birth weight infants, and neuroprotective care, Drake has a strong desire to teach all members of the healthcare team about the uniqueness and language of the premature infant.

As an active clinician, she focuses on how every touch and relational experience we have with premature infants and their families can have an impact. Drake is actively involved with the California State Collaborative in order to partner with families and lead quality improvement initiatives.