Dandle•LION® Bathing System

Babies Love the Dandy Tub!

The Dandy Tub keeps infants safely suspended in a soft cotton hammock, allowing caregivers to easily immerse the baby in the comfort of warm water, while keeping a hand free for washing. Swaddled bathing makes bath time pleasant and easy for babies and parents by providing a soothing, womb-like experience.

Dandle•LION Bathing System:

  • Supports baby for easy cleansing
  • Builds parental confidence
  • Provides wonderful opportunity for parent-child interaction and bonding
  • Reduces exposure to bacterial contaminants and residual cleaning agents with a disposable liner
  • Improves efficiency of bathing
  • Provides parents with a method that is easy to learn and perform independently
  • Cleans up quickly and easily

Bathing hospitalized newborns can be stressful for babies, staff and parents. Preterm infants are especially vulnerable to cold stress and may struggle to remain physiologically or behaviorally stable during a traditional sponge bath. Swaddled bathing involves wrapping a baby in a lightweight cloth (in a flexed and midline position), immersing the baby in warm water to the shoulders, and exposing only one area of the body at a time for washing. This method reduces behavioral stress, keeps babies more thermally stable and conserves their energy. Parents have reported increased confidence in and preference for swaddled bathing.