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The Lessons I’ve Learned from NICU Families

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Our Speaker:

Anna Zimmerman, MD, MPH

Anna is a mom and neonatologist currently living in Denver, Colorado. She has three children – a 6 year old daughter and nearly 4 year old boy-girl twins. She created the website www.mightylittles.com in 2019 to explore all topics related to parenting. She wanted to create a place to explore how to raise kids to be the types of adults this world needs. What it means to be a good human, a kind human, a compassionate human. The focus of her work is the long term goals of parenting. Additionally, as a neonatologist, she has a particular passion for telling the stories of NICU graduates and is working on a book and podcast dedicated to our most fragile babies.

This course has been approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider Number 15417 for 1 contact hours.